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Shake App

Be the first dealership to gain exclusive rights to your market!

The first Mobile App of its kind that allows companies to effectively measure the Frequency, Response, and ROI of current media purchases and active campaigns through a 100% custom social media interface. With the ability to build your database through social networking, building an organic lead database has never been this easy or effective. 

Back End Reporting & Tracking System

• Track name, address & email
• Instant updates for tracking individual user shakes
• Ability to do push campaign for events or service
• Back End Interface Platform Login
• Ability to append electronic media campaigns against shakes in an effort to track marketing ROI


• Gather name, address & email
• Geo-targeting
• Interactive Shake function
• Count shakes and monitor number of shakes/points per user
• Create a push and deploy campaign
• “Refer a Friend” or similar feature for additional shakes/points
• Social Media integration